Acquire the Commodity is a mission in Armored Core: Last Raven.


Requester: Jack-O

Operation Area: Hordess Mining Site

Objective: Acquire the commodity

Reward: AC Part - CR-YWH05R3

Mission SummaryEdit

This mission request has been issued by Jack, and involves acquiring a commodity supplied by one of the Warlords.

Using an AC is overkill. Try not to botch the assignment.

Ed Weisz


"The warlord operating out of the Hordess Mining site has promised to supply us with a commodity we need."

"I'd like it if you were the one to accept the delivery."

"Normally I wouldn't ask a Raven to carry out such a trivial task, but with things the way that they are, I'd rather be safe than sorry."

"Your are free to eliminate any who attempt to interfere with the mission; I won't second-guess your judgement."

"Good Luck."



Sheila:Incoming transmission.

Jack-O:Raven, someone stole the supplies. Get them back!

Green Horn:I can't let you pass.

MT Pilot:Why Jack? How could you trick us?

Green Horn:You're even better than they say...

Green Horn:You're not bad...

Green Horn:Nooo...!

Sheila:Mission accomplished.

Sheila:Nice work, Raven.

Sheila:Nicely done, you just picked up a bounty reward.

Sheila:Let's clear out.

Situation ReportEdit

Vertex acquired the commodity they were after. Their supplies were running low, so the delivery comes as a relief.

It's my opinion that Jack knew more than he let on about the assignment, and that AC was actually lying in wait for you

Ed Weisz


This mission is fairly simple athough there is an AC battle near the end, making it fairly difficult for a starting player. Intially the only opposition is MT89G models and a few OSTRICH Hover models. After destroying these, a CR-MT85B and Green Horn prove to be the final opponents in the game. The MT falls rather easily but Green Horn's a bit tougher. With the limited size of the area being fought in, it's hard to explot Green Horn's lack of mobility while he can fairly easily pound you with his heavier weapons.

It is best to either try and blade him (he lacks a blade) or pound him with a heavy AC. The MT proves easy to kill but both are a pain when fighting together. It's best to take out the MT mainly because it's an easier kill than Green Horn. After killing both, the mission ends.


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