Classification: Armored Core NEXT
Designer: BFF
Core: 063AN01
Head: 063AN02
Arms: 063AN03
Legs: 063AN04
Generator: GAN02-NSS-G
FCS: 063AN05
Main: GAN02-NSS-M.CG
Back: GAN02-NSS-B.CG
Side: GAN02-NSS-S.CG
Over: GAN02-NSS-O.CG
Chronological Info
Eras Active: Economic War
The 063AN is a NEXT model that is first seen in Armored Core: For Answer.

Summary Built sometime after the Lynx War, the 063AN was designed as a successor unit to the 047AN. Overall, it is lighter, faster, and far more efficient than the older 047AN. It also boast overall raised stats in comparison, and its capabilites are almost comparable to a lightweight unit. It is overall slightly less accurate than the 047AN, but still performs with high effectiveness in medium to long range combat.


The development of the 063AN was equal parts technology development on one hand and political maneuvering on the other. After BFF's realignment with GA in the aftermath of the Lynx War, GA demanded that BFF stopped using parts of their longtime ally, Rosenthal and use GA-developed parts instead. As advanced as it was, BFF had several reservations against such arrangement; the heavy quadruped 061AN was already developed as both a stopgap model simply to accommodate GA's bulky SUNSHINE generators and boosters (even if it did give BFF the opportunity to test out their newly-developed heavyweight sniper cannons and missile launchers), and while the NEW-SUNSHINE parts they are legally required to design around is much lighter and just as powerful, equipping the old 047AN with it was not a feasible solution. Having the need to design around this barrier as well as wanting to explore even newer ventures, BFF struck a deal with GA to use their parts if and only if they'd let them keep the older schematics as it is. With the agreement reached, BFF set out to create their new NEXT model, the 063AN.

The 063AN was first and foremost designed with two things in mind: accommodating the new GAN02-NSS-G generator from the NEW-SUNSHINE, and assembling a more rounded sniper craft. With new developments such as the new 061ANCM Cluster Missile Launchers and the super-heavy 061ANSC Sniper Cannon, BFF wanted to know whether or not they can design a precision craft that can also be adapted as a frontline offensive unit, a feature that the venerable 047AN could not perform. The finished mech drew upon BFF's older model as design inspiration; the camera functionality is still amongst the highest between NEXT models. Like the old 047AN, the 063AN arms have a similar precision level while in contrast having more maneuverability and energy weapon compatibility, setting them apart.

The biggest difference is actually the weapon load that the 063AN was designed for. While the 063AN is primarily a sniper platform, it is also designed to be able to accept a variety of frontline offensive weapons: 063ANAR Assault Rifle, 063ANPM Precision Missile Launcher and the 067ANLR Laser Rifle. These changes represent a substantial change from the usual BFF sniper doctrine, yet seen as highly beneficial as it adds multirole capability to otherwise very specialized crafts. In addition, while generally reviled by BFF engineers, the NEW-SUNSHINE generator did give it with respectable output and capacity, a fact exploited by the weapons designers during the laser rifle designing stages.

Overall, the 063AN is an ambitious new project that BFF started. In its entirety, the craft is heavier and more energy consuming than its older sister, the 047AN. With that however, comes a good all-rounded unit that still maintains its precision and grace like its predecessors. It may be slightly disappointing as a whole machine, but taken in parts, the 063AN shines through the brilliance in engineering that BFF is known for.


  • The legs of the 063AN bear a vague resemblance to the CLM-55-RVE (Armored Core 3 Era) and CR-LH89F (AC Nexus Era) leg parts.

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