Classification: Armored Core NEXT
Designer: BFF
Core: 047AN01
Head: 047AN02
Arms: 047AN03
Legs: 061AN04
Generator: GAN01-SS-G
FCS: 061AN05
Main: GAN01-SS-M.CG
Back: GAN01-SS-B.CG
Side: GAN01-SS-S.CG
Over: GAN01-SS-O.CG
Chronological Info
Eras Active: Economic War
The 061AN is a Production Model Armored Core NEXT that first appears in Armored Core: For Answer.

Summary Edit

Produced by the Bernard and Felix Foundation, the 061AN is an evolution of the 049AN. While externally very similar to the 049AN with the exception of the leg, it's biggest change is the use of GA-built Generator and boosters. This means that while 061AN can carry exceptional loads, it is also much heavier and much harder to move around with, barring expert tuning.


The end of Lynx War had brought down Bernard and Felix Foundation from one of the reigning Companies of Pax Economica to a fraction of its former self. GA acquired BFF as "spoils of war", yet, seeing the relative strength of BFF compared to other defeated Companies such as Rayleonard and Akvavit, decided to support the Company instead of outright acquiring it. This marks the start of the beneficial, if oftentimes rocky relationship between the two Companies. The 061AN is the biggest proof of such mismatch.

Designed firstly as a political symbol rather than from any practical combat need, the 061AN was designed to accommodate GA-mandated generators and boosters, formerly equipped on GA's own GAN01-SUNSHINE. Realizing the impossibility of mounting such heavy equipment on the old 049AN, BFF created a customized leg to mount the required parts, hence the new designation. The difference does not stop there however; learning from past experiences, the 061AN uses a new, improved sniping FCS more attuned to quad-leg combat, the 061AN05. Furthermore, thanks to information input from GA's subsidiaries, particularly MSAC International, BFF started to design missile weaponry, culminating in the long range 061ANCM and its shoulder weapon variant, the 061ANRM. Finally, BFF decided to go all-out and designed their best masterpieces of their signature weapons yet: 061ANSR Heavy Sniper Rifle and 061ANSC Super-Heavy Sniper Cannon.

The new NEXT retained its mobility thanks to the quad-leg design, particularly inherent in the additon of stabilizer stub-wings on its leg tips. The generator, while heavy, did give 061AN a respectable output and a tremendous increase in energy capacity, something its old Rosenthal generator cannot do. Although the underpowered boosters made it less maneuverable, its slower moving characteristics are more suitable for a long-range support where steady, stable movements are more conducive to sniper fire than raw, abrupt maneuverability. Despite the advantages, not many escaped the feeling that the 061AN is less the precise machinery its older versions was and more of a slapdash customization, not helped by negative sentiments against GA itself.

061AN's troubled conception and birth, not to mention lackluster sale, limited production and even more limited usage had stoked fears that the venerable 047AN line is nearing its evolutionary dead-end, with technological improvements reaching its apparent zenith, exacerbated by incessant political troubles at home. Thanks to this depressing incentive, BFF engineers started over from scratch to eventually create BFF's true, next-generation NEXT design in form of otherwise brilliant 063AN. The 061AN meanwhile, will be remembered as the proverbial unwanted offspring between GA's and BFF's troubled union. It seems indeed that, while a NEXT's worth is measured in firepower, mobility, defense, and politics, the 061AN simply didn't quite get the first three right.


Armored Core for AnswerEdit

The 061AN is not available as a starting NEXT, but completing GA/BFF missions will unlock the schematics. Thanks to its GA-internal part requirement, the schematic can be completed without unlocking Rosenthal parts first. Only one Lynx uses the 061AN, Wong Shao Lung.

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