Classification: Armored Core NEXT
Designer: BFF
Core: 047AN01
Head: 047AN02
Arms: 047AN03
Legs: 049AN04
Generator: GN-HECTOR
FCS: 047AN05
Chronological Info
Eras Active:
  • LYNX War
  • Economic War
The 049AN is a Production Model Armored Core NEXT that first appears in Armored Core 4.

Summary Edit

Produced by the Bernard and Felix Foundation, the 049AN is a variation of the 047AN and is also specialized for long range sniper roles. Overall, it was an improvement over the 047 in terms of mobility, defense, and stability and was better suited for long range sniping. Unfortunately, this increased specialization came at the cost of aerial capabilities, higher energy drain and overall capabilities typically associated with four leg NEXTs. While on one hand, the quadruped design boasted greater ground speed, its increased mass also severely limited its Quick Boost capabilities; this meant that as a whole, the 049AN's weaknesses limited its usefulness from a front line unit to a long range support role.


Ever since the development of the 047AN, BFF engineers struggled with two problems. The first is how to adapt the powerful sniper cannons mounted on their previous Normals 044AC and their latest 048AC-S as a NEXT-grade weaponry. The range and power of such weapon is a large force multiplier on any long-range NEXTs, but their tremendous scale and recoil requires unconventional solutions, such as 048AC-S's retractable, additional "legs". The second is to alleviate 047AN's lacking mobility. While nowhere near as sluggish as GA's GAN01-SUNSHINE model, a sniper NEXT requires an advantageous positioning, and mobility is hence also a factor in addition to stability and precision. To solve both, BFF's engineers came up with quite the unorthodox solution: to mount the 047AN frame on a quadrupedal base.

The 049AN04 base leg part looked nearly exactly as a four-legged 047AN04 legs. While it is done to conserve maintenance costs, the similarity is merely superficial. The quad-leg part was precisely constructed to fold up and become streamlined in the air when the NEXT boosts along the ground, creating a "ground-effect" that would effectively keep the NEXT permanently a few feet in the air. This, along with the natural stability of four limbs, allows the introduction of the first NEXT-grade sniper cannon, the 049ANSC. As with the case with the 047AN, BFF imported a custom-designed generator with improved KP Output from Rosenthal, the GN-HECTOR. The generator proved to be slightly underpowered when used in conjunction with energy-draining quad-legs, but for all intents and purposes, sufficed and adequately protected the newly-designed unit.

049AN traded its aerial combat capability favored by Mary Shelley for improved ground mobility and stability. Indeed, the unit was so successful it was used by scores of Lynxes involved with BFF, amongst them the legendary Wong Shao Lung. Furthermore, BFF engineers perfected their quad-leg technology and applied them to their more modern Normals such as 051AO70-AK and 051AO80-AK, as well as their first GA-era NEXT, the 061AN. 049AN's niche as a long-range support unit reduces its danger to be caught in the frontlines where its limited aerial combat capability become its weakness. Nevertheless, Lynxes who pilot the craft enjoyed its unlikely combination of both mobility and stability offered by this warhorse.

The end of Lynx War and BFF's realignment with GA sees the 049AN retired with its older sister, the 047AN. Nevertheless, most of the frame had already proven its worth as a solid and precise machinery, and the experience gained from the design and construction of the 049AN made for a lasting legacy that would carry BFF back on its feet and back once again in the world's stage.


Armored Core 4Edit

The 049AN is not available as a starting NEXT. As the game progresses, you will be provided with the schematics to construct the machine. The Lynxes Eugene, Wong Shao Lung, Iakchos, and Unseel uses the 049AN frame, some with modifications.

Armored Core for AnswerEdit

Again, the 049AN is not available as a starting NEXT, but completing GA/BFF missions will unlock the schematics. However, since 049AN uses Rosenthal parts, they have to be unlocked separately. No Lynxes use the 049AN in its entirety, but Buppa Zu Gan's Big Barrel uses a 049AN04 leg as its base.

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