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Classification: Armored Core NEXT
Designer: BFF
Core: 047AN01
Head: 047AN02
Arms: 047AN03
Legs: 047AN04
Generator: GN-HECTOR
FCS: 047AN05
Right Arm Unit: 051ANNR
Left Arm Unit: 047ANSR
Left Back Unit: 047ANR
Chronological Info
Eras Active:
  • National Dismantlement War
  • LYNX War
  • Economic War
The 047AN is a NEXT model seen in Armored Core 4 and again in Armored Core: For Answer.


A middleweight designed by BFF, the 047AN is built specifically as a long range sniper and also performs well as a support unit. To that end, it is equipped with a long range FCS with a long range sniper rifle and a mid to short range assault rifle. Its only real weakness is its low defense ratings for a middleweight and its lack of close-range fighting capablities.


Already known for their sniper-oriented Normals such as the 044AC, It is logical that BFF would continue using sniper weapons as their NEXT development model. Thanks to geniuses such as Mary Shelley who provided BFF with design inputs from her own experience, 047AN came into being as a specialized sniper NEXT.

The 047AN's number one advantage over all other NEXTs is the requirement for it to sight enemies at very long range, thus necessitating long-range FCS and a specialized camera eye. Indeed, the 047AN would have the best camera functionality of all NEXT models in production. The second advantage is its very stable leg platform and its very precise arm handling, further refining the NEXT's accuracy. Finally comes BFF's very own rifles and sniper rifles. Aided by sighting radars, the 047AN became the gold standard in long-range engagements.

While not as energy efficient as Interior's Y01-TELLUS, BFF's advanced electronics and actuators does not require as much power as an average NEXT and the solid-shell based weaponry meant that the 047AN sufficed with a general-purpose HOGIRE boosters imported from Rosenthal. Rosenthal also provided BFF with a custom generator: the GN-HECTOR, focused on PA strength at the cost of output. While this meant that the generator reinforced the already rugged frame, its relatively low output made it unsuitable for energy-based weaponry, further compounded by the fact that 047AN's arms feature the worst energy weapons compatibility of all NEXTs. Furthermore, while the solid shell rating of the craft can safely be put as "above average", energy defenses weren't as high, much like other NEXTs. Nevertheless, the 047AN is sturdy enough to perform solo most of the time.

Despite the excellence that 047AN had proven, BFF continued to explore its possibilities, creating units such as the quadrupedal 049AN, increasing its mobility and stability at the same time. The 047AN was offered by BFF for aspiring mercenaries hoping to ally themselves with BFF, but after its fall during the Lynx War and its subsequent revival and realignment with GA, the 047AN became scarce as its schematic uses parts unapproved by GA and hence were quietly pulled from circulation. Nevertheless, it continued to become the standard parts representing the best BFF had to offer, not to mention that the degree of its precision would be carried over to GA-era machines such as the heavy-quadruped 061AN and the all-new 063AN.


Armored Core 4Edit

The 047AN is selectable as one of the starter NEXTs, armed with a medium rifle, sniper rifle, and a radar. While slightly low on ammo, its relatively high defense and long range makes it ideal for most of early game runs. Also, the 047AN is the personal craft of Francisca and the famous Original Mary Shelley.

Armored Core: for AnswerEdit

The 047AN is no longer offered as a starter NEXT. However, the schematic can be unlocked by completing GA missions. Since 047AN relies on Rosenthal and Omer-made parts, they have to be unlocked separately by doing Omer missions to be able to complete the schematic.


Weapons are provided as part of Armored Core 4 Starter NEXT Pack. Regular schematics of 047AN does not include weapons.

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