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Ω (Omega) is a Raven working for Vertex in Armored Core: Last Raven.


A Raven who is only happy when he is engaged in combat, Ω is easily one of the most dangerous pilots aligned with Vertex, and is extremely skilled. He appears in "Secure The Terminal Area" and is usually killed early in all other endings.

AC Clown FaceEdit

AC Clown Face

AC Clown Face

Heavyweight, reverse joint model AC equipped with a diverse arsenal of weapons. Pilot makes use of ECM pods to keep opponents off guard. Clown Face specializes in solid damage with a machine gun, grenade rifle, missile launcher, and chain gun. His fighting style is similar to Crow, but is far more predictable and as a result of the heavier build, much slower. He is slightly more dangerous compared to Crow because of his harder-hitting weaponry and overall erratic movement patterns. Be aware of the grenade rifle, as Omega can and will use it to overheat your AC.


Try to engage Omega in a high AP tank (if you are equipped with dangerous weapons like the dual KRSW (if you have both), if not KRSW (left or Right arm variants), A good laser rifle like the SHADE, and the LX (if you have it), if not, the CHIMERA dual lasers, and make sure you have a large sized lock box or FCS for you to be able to target him effectively. If you engaged in this setup, switch immediately to the LX or CHIMERA and lock on to Omega. Once you acquire a red sight, fire away the back mounted cannon and your left arm ranged weapon while strafing and keeping your best to keep him in your lock box. Once the LX or CHIMERA empties, unleash your right arm weapon while strafing.

A biped also works, but make it a middle-to-heavy craft with high AP, and heavy enough to support the LX or the CHIMERA, the core should have high AP with AMS. For weapons, the SHADE laser rifle for the Arm Unit R, a good quality high attack rifle (like the GAST) for your Arm Unit L, if you still have enough weight left, try retaliation missiles, or an anti-solid round side shields to enhance your DEF SOLID stats. Again, repeat the strategy I said in the tank, but be more careful since you have cannon restrictions. Only fire your back cannon once you have a red sight or you will miss. After firing one or two shots, switch to your right arm ranged weapon and fire while evading, but be wary of your energy meter (especially if you have the SHADE laser rifle.) once you get out of his lock box, repeat the strategy of firing the back cannon. Just rinse and repeat this to win.



  • In the Japanese version, his AC is named ClownCrown and is spelled in English instead of Japanese.
  • He appears in Armored Core: Nexus as in the Vs. Free Arena as a combatant.
  • The part renders for Clown Face's design are all recycled from Silent Line.

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